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August 18 2015, Nerdly - Review

"There’s a good reason this film is at the top of my list. This is the documentary that kicked off my exploration of pop culture documentaries (eventually ending up at compliling this list) and, despite only vague memories of the subject matter, it shows just how good documentaries on lesser-known subjects can be. Without banging the audience over the head with facts and figures and copious amounts of exposition; and without assuming the audience knows anything about the TV show on which this film centres, Slaughter Nick For President tells its story. And its a wonderful, heart-warming story…"

May 2 2015, The Autonomous Zone - Review

"It is intriguing to think that the story of “Slaughter Nick” may come full circle: after inspiring a generation of Serbians to dismantle an abusive political system, the success of that effort may help a generation of American youth figure out how to do the same thing. As Nick Slaughter proved, episode after episode, a broad grin and a positive attitude can be a lot more powerful than bullets and fists."

July 11 2014, The Oregonian - Review

"In the early 1990s, Canadian actor Rob Stewart starred as a private detective pounding the sand in the late-night TV series "Tropical Heat." Two decades later, the struggling performer discovered he was a cult hero in Serbia, where his show was a massive hit.

So it is that Stewart heads across the world to meet his fans."

Jan 30 2014, Willamette Week - Review

"Canadian actor Rob Stewart didn’t make much of a splash when his TV series, Baywatch-wannabe Tropical Heat, aired between 1991 and ’93. The goofy detective series, starring Stewart as the impossibly bronzed, impressively ponytailed Nick Slaughter, disappeared almost instantly from the public consciousness, while Stewart himself disappeared into his parents’ suburban home…until he discovered, two decades later, that the country of Serbia basically considered him its version of David Hasselhoff."

Nov 15 2013, The Georgia Straight - Review

"In the early ’90s, Canadian actor Rob Stewart played, in his own words, “a ridiculous ponytailed beach-bum detective” called Nick Slaughter in a cheap U.S. TV series called Sweating Bullets. In most places, including the former Yugoslavia, the cable show was known as Tropical Heat. Its innocuousness—with gunplay about as realistic as Dirk Diggler’s fight scenes in Boogie Nights—became just the right tonic, complete with plastic umbrella, for a war-battered country."

Nov. 15 2013, Vancouver Observer - Review

“SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT: Ok, imagine this. You’re an unemployed actor, pushing 45, poor and reduced to living in your parent’s basement in Brampton, Ont. Then you get an invitation to visit Serbia because you’re a celebrity over there. A cultural icon even. Rob Stewart went, took along a film crew and made this delightful and often funny documentary.”

May 10 2013, The National Post - Review

“In the 2010 film Barney’s Version, TV executive Barney Panofsky invents a Bulgarian fan following for one of his actors, to keep her spirits up and her ego healthy. Slaughter Nick for President asks: What if that happened in real life? And what if the actor in question remained unaware of his admirers for decades?”

May 10 2013, The Globe and Mail - Review

"Right around the same time the heavy-metal band Anvil was about to rediscovered, and Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul started searching for Sugar Man, the 47-year-old Canadian actor Rob Stewart embarked on his own odyssey of belated, documentary-boosted pop-culture reclamation."

May 9 2013, Wylie Writes - Review

"There are even some moments where art imitates life.  In a hilarious scene where Stewart is approached to star in a commercial for a product he’s unclear of while he reads his lines in an inflatable bubble, we can’t help but think of Bill Murray’s overwhelmed presence on the set of a game show in Lost in Translation."

May 9 2013, Criticize This - Interview

"Many people would follow their friends anywhere on an adventure, but filmmakers Marc and Liza Vespi followed their buddy, Canadian actor Rob Stewart, on a different kind of “star trek” on their collaborative documentary Slaughter Nick for President."

May 9 2013, The Aisle Seat - Review

"Long story short, “Tropical Heat” presented an optimistic view of life during a time when Serbia was under the control of dictator Slobodan Milosevic. The Nick Slaughter character became a symbol for young protestors seeking democracy in their country."

May 9 2013, Dork Shelf - Review

"A crowd favourite when it played at NXNE, Stewart teams up with co-directors Marc and Liza Vespi to chronicle his first journey to the country to take a look at his almost unexplainable and seemingly irrational fame (or at least in his eyes, anyway)."

May 8 2013, - Review

"To me, the early ’90s TV show Sweating Bullets – a sort of Baywatch-meets-Magnum PI knockoff about a detective in a beachfront town – was merely an adjunct to a David Letterman joke..."

May 8 2013, Dork Shelf - Review

"Actor Rob Stewart never expected any of this to happen. Well, he did and he didn’t. When the then little known Toronto area resident took an acting gig on a trashy late night early 90s CBS beach set crime/drama/comedy Tropical Heat, he thought it would be a great way to make a name for himself (despite not being that big of a fan of the show itself right out of the gate)."

May 7 2013 - Video Interview

"KATIE CHATS with Co-Director/Protagonist ROB STEWART about his film, "SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT" screening at "CARLTON CINEMA from May 10-16."

May 3 2013, - Review

"Sweetly offbeat documentary telling the Sugar Man-esque story of Rob Stewart..." -

March 14 2013, Transitions Online - Review

"Nick Slaughter Versus Slobodan Milosevic
How a cheesy TV detective nourished the Serbian protest movement of the 1990s." -

September 27 2012, Ottawa Citizen - Review

"CAPSULE: Nick Slaughter for President: A documentary about Rob Stewart, a Canadian actor who thought he was washed up at 47 until he learned his old, obscure TV show, Tropical Heat, had made him a celebrity in Serbia." - Jay Stone

June 16 2012, - Review

"In the early nineties Canadian actor Rob Stewart spent two years working on a low-rent Baywatch ripoff called Tropical Heat. When the show's popularity fell by the wayside, halfway around the world Serbians were starting to get quite interested in lead character Nick Slaughter. "

June 15 2012, Playback Online - Review

"Fictional ex-drug agent turned beach bum private investigator Nick Slaughter has become a cultural icon in Serbia, a symbol of freedom and political opposition for student protestors against former dictator Slobodan Milosovec."

June 15 2012, CBC Radio - Radio Interview

"This is the amazing story of how Canadian actor Rob Stewart unwittingly became an iconic figure in Serbian pop culture and politics for his role as a pony-tailed wise-cracking private eye on a barely-remembered early nineties TV show called "Tropical Heat."

June 7 2012, (Toronto Star) - Review

"A real find is this truly bizarre documentary about Rob Stewart, a struggling actor who was living in his parents’ Brampton basement when he learned that his character Slaughter Nick from the forgotten ’90s action trash TV series Tropical Heat (a.k.a. Sweating Bullets) had become something of an ironic folk hero in Serbia during a time of political upheaval."

June 6 2012, - Review

"Like most actors, Rob Stewart wanted to have a lasting career that included works that really made a difference. Unfortunately when you are a Canadian actor whose biggest claim to fame is playing detective Nick Slaughter on the short lived show Tropical Heat (aka Sweating Bullets), the quality roles do not always come your way."

June 4 2012 Provocative - Review

"By far the most enjoyable doc we were privy to at the screening. Slaughter Nick For President shares the remarkable story of a star who didn’t know he was famous, Canadian actor Rob Stewart, until a Serbian punk band contacted him to fill him in on the impact his character in Tropical Heat had made in their country."

May 28 2012 T-Mak - Review

"One can just imagine how perplexed Canadian actor Rob Stewart  must have felt when he was greeted to a dizzying array of national media and adoring fans for a long since forgotten beach bum detective series that ended some two decades ago. Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars."

May 4 2012 NOW Magazine - Review

"Two decades ago, the TV series Sweating Bullets – syndicated around the world as Tropical Heat – introduced viewers to beach bum detective Nick Slaughter, played by Canadian actor Rob Stewart. The show became a huge hit in Serbia, and “Slaughter Nick” became an unlikely pop icon during that country’s political and social convulsions of the 1990s."

Jan 6 2010 PRI-The World - Review

"The cheesy detective show, set in a Florida beach town, aired in the US from 1991 to 1993. Well, America may have forgotten Nick Slaughter. But Serbia hasn’t."

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